Public lettering city guide / Thesis project at Anhalt University, Dessau / partner: Stefan Berndt


Typography in all its different shapes and variations has become a significant part of our everyday life. There are countless usages, colours and styles crossing our way in the urban space. It's both promoting and demanding our perception and influences the way a city looks like. The interaction between architecture and typography is of particular relevance to the topic because of its decisive influence on orientation and recognition.

The desired aim of our project was to support the increasing interest in public lettering as well as reinforcing it. Historically, aesthetically or technically remarkable typographic objects should be given a special platform to make them attract higher public attention.

Using the example of the city of Leipzig we developed a typographic city guide which documents the specific urban lettering and gives a user the opportunity to experience it on its own. Additional to the city guide – consisting of a city map and a booklet with further information about the objects – we created various information boards, a homepage and the concept for a public gallery. To finally advert the introduction of the city guide we also developed a special font made out of several overlaid outlines to be used for promotional posters, flyers, postcards and so on.