Visual identity for a flea market / study project


The goal of this project was to create a visually distinct identity for a local business. Main focus was put on intense formal exploration, which should result in creation of a truly original and unique symbol. The applied method was based on a system by Ed Bedno which consists of a series of steps that should stimulate a creative thought process. Its a way of generating a lot of ideas and designs in a short amount of time. The project was led by Maja Blazejewska.

I decided for a flea market located in Leipzig on an big area which used to be part of the city´s trade fair territory in the past. Starting from a word list, based on a previous research, different symbols were created illustrating the most important and most accurate words. By combining and reducing every symbol using a special matrix many surprisingly strange pictograms emerged. After that one of them was chosen for refining the final symbol – which shouldn't have to look like a conventional logo.
During the process lots of material was developed which formed the basis for all needed matters like stationary, bags, promotional poster and patterns.