Creating pictures with a children's sewing machine / study project / partner: Stefan Berndt

An particularly interesting project I did during my time in Dessau was a research about so called drawing machines. Under the topic „To draw and to let draw“ we were thinking about different tools, instruments and other facilities that are able to assist and influence the process of creating signs and pictures (including „low-tech“ solutions like the Spirograph as well). At the end of my research I came to the conclusion that one highly interesting aspect lies in accidently happening errors resulting from a partly reduction of control over the drawing process.

Together with Stefan Berndt I started searching for objects, machines, toys and other things that could be „misused“ for the project. On a flea market we found an old sewing machine for children which seemed to be pretty interesting because of its mechanism. By adding some parts and making some changes to the broken toy it became possible to use the regular up-and-down of the sewing unit and to convert it into an hardly controllable motion. The attached felt-tips which are hanging on several strings now are kind of dancing over the paper moved by the machines needle. All resulting drawings share an unique appearance and are especially interesting because of the rhythmic lines that never look the same.